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This is the 4th Step of VoxLabs Implementation & Rollout plan, the Sm'art Hub Stage, that every Community will have their own particular requirements and thus wish to start in a different place. Many will want to start at the very beginning with Step 1 and work their way through some or all 8 Steps, many others will want to then go on to the Outlets & Culture-Brand Stages too. All will however have one thing in common - looking towards creation or capture of Sm'art Jobs Opportunities as they go on and create their own Sm'art Communities. Right now we are at mid-point in plan to create your own Sm'art Hub, as we start to focus on what a Sm'art Hub involves. The first sub-step is established a Sm'art Hub | Development Centre. The Sm'art Hub can be virtual or it can be a physical space of course, there are no restrictions. The Sm'art Jobs are based on Information & Communications Technology (ICT), becoming Job Sm'art, and are focused so far in this website on four types of opportunity - driven by SME's (Small & Medium Businesses), or by those who wish to follow Career Paths (Nurses, Teachers, Techies or 100 other Careers), or by working creatively as a team through formation of the Sm'art Hub | Community Co-op

, or those who wish to follow their own innovation star as one of the Self-Employed. Which route you want to take, they can all be addressed by a Sm'art Hub. You no longer need or should wait for Jobs to be created or come to your Neighbourhood. You have something within each and every person, a rich treasure to call your own - your own Art.

And in the beginning we can all get to a Startpoint through Offshoring & Outsourcing via VoxLabs and its Services Providers. All we need to do is know what we want to do, then Ask the first Question. Indeed we can do that online, offline or over mobile today. So how will a Sm'art Hub get off the ground - here are options in 10 Ways we would suggest you could go about doing so:

  1. Start with one or five persons, a small Team - talk to people, find people and Orgs you can trust (your own people) and think through what you want to achieve. This is about doing it 'by yourselves and for yourselves' - aided by VoxLabs model service providers.
  2. Set out a Vision for your Community, one that has real appeal, one that motivates and compels your own people into action - one that gets their collective shoulder behind the community wheel so-to-speak.
  3. If that does not work right away, you could join with other Communities eg. Great Silk Road, On the Oregon Trail, Amazon Routes.....consumers don't mind, eg Great Silk Road Train Tours.
  4. Identify one or a few Cultural Idea(s) that have ongoing Diaspora appeal (eg. Famous travel, food, spas, places, music, sports, books etc) or Great Experiences in walks, shows, events; if you can't see one right away go online to the social networks and connect with your Emigrants - they will know or can find out what your/ their global community most wants, needs or would support with you.
  5. Identify someone with or Learn yourself if necessary ICT operational Skills - spreadsheets, word processing, emails marketing, databases, social networking etc
  6. Form your E-Community.Coop Sm'art Hub in a collaborative effort with Licensed VoxLabs's Sm'art O&O Services, who will help show you the way forward together, which can vary a lot eg. PinoyVox, AztecVox, LatinoVox, AsianVox, NursesVox, Great Silk Road Vox etc. We will then help you through all Stages, Steps. Levels, Options and Dimensions of the VoxLabs Model's service providers - going as far as you want to go. We take down the barriers to progress.
  7. To Start, choose or startup one SME with colleagues to offer something that your Diaspora say they need/ want/ support (eg, brand licences, 'options in originals' as below; or identify one Career where services are in short supply worldwide (eg. Carers. Teachers, ICT); activate your Community Co-op to supply what others need (eg. Financial services, retail, spinoffs, family firms etc); or use your own IPR to go out on your own independently as one of the Self Employed with an innovative idea of your own....it only takes one person, place or thing to make that Sm'art Start.
  8. Open your Community.Coop Website, start E-Commerce selling something, grow your own Sm'art Community Hub with VoxLabs Model - sourcing and adding more and more product and service providers with New Ideas. Or select on eof the seven VoxLabs Product Platforms and services in customisation, productisation or servitisation.
  9. Open your Own Outlets with Vox Franchise.
  10. Build-up your own Community Culture-Brand appeal with VoxWorld.Coop, or link to Amazon as an outsourced provider.


That Art has a far wider definition and understanding today than Artists alone. We can see artisry is footballers, golfers, actors, broadcasters, singers, writers or poets or teachers, nurses, carers - in every walk of life. We have to find it within each of us first, and when we do so we are on our way to what we would really love to do with our lives. What you love to do is what will open your path for you. Of course we can collectively do so as a Community. Every Community has its own people, elders, heritage, culture - all the wealth it needs, and all the tools to engage are already at hand. All we have to do is take the first step- even if that is the hardest step it is the illuminating step that shows us the way; choose the way each of us want to go, find common ground as a Community, share one Vision for ourselves. That Vision It may be rooted in tourism, or it may be an Idea that has Diaspora appeal, it may be through an unused patent; or it may be as or through a singer, a poet, a writer, a book, a culture centre or source - thats all it takes to start, one person, one place or one thing. We can see what Nana Mouskouri did for Greece decades ago or what Nokia did for Finland, what the Pyramids did for Egypt. It only takes one step to kick start a Village, Town, City, a whole Community, even a whole Country or Culture. Today the world is indeed something of a Global Village - andin which we can all participate today if we want to do so. Then what we find we do not posses as individuals we can learn, even remotely, or we can outsource - for example, technology in basic computer skills, or for a web site, or eCommerce. And what skills we find we do not have in our own Community, we can find through collaboration with other Communities. And those Communities can be anywhere in the world. Our Country is a Nation of Communities. Ideas can be born global, we can reach our Diaspora who know us best through Social Networks & Viral  Marketing.



"The sky is not even the limit" (Jamii Bora-Kenya member, to founder Ingrid Munro)

Just one Applications: this collaborative montage of Dr Martens branded Original Accessories & Shoelaces, from a dozen suppliers was launched and traded simultaneously in 40 countries under our 'Options in Originals' concept; it is an example of how simply anyone can trade globally today with a collaborative branded concept, story & theme. Today our Display Systems & other Interfaces can be customised & personalised for your eCommunity, eCorp, eCoop, eCollege or your e Affinity Group. The options are endless, all you need is the Idea, and the conviction to make the commitment to back your your own programme. Every other tool is available for you to use at VoxLabs Sm'art Hubs, through VoxFranchise Sm'art Outlets or at VoxWorld.Coop Sm'art Brands - all reachable and implementable through this, the first of our Portal trilogy. This can carry your Community Brand.





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